“Both our sons have spent time at Holy Corner and loved every minute of it.  The staff are truly amazing which makes for a group of happy kids, which you can hear the sound of as soon as you walk in the door.

The structure, ethos and balance of play and learning new skills was perfect in both cases for preparing our kids for their pre-school year.   We all have very fond memories which we’ll cherish forever!”

– Josh’s mum & dad

“My daughter has been at Holy Corner Playgroup for a year and has loved every minute of it. There is a relaxed, nurturing atmosphere where ideas and play can develop, with enough structure to create a secure environment. The staff, who are all Mums, are incredibly warm and highly experienced. You can tell they are totally committed and love working with children. They very impressively use both special as well as everyday activities to develop themes and the children’s understanding of the world. They are very good at bringing the best out of the children. I often ask my daughter what she enjoyed most about play group and she always says, everything!”
– Rachel’s mum